For the last 4000 years man has been making things of metal – tools, jewellery, weapons, money, machinery etc. Where has it all gone? Much of it remains buried in the ground! Treasures are waiting to be found and all you need to get started is a C.Scope metal detector.  C.Scope provide a range of detectors for the hobby treasure hunters or the water industry and ground working contractors.

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  • Simple Operation
  • Lightweight
  • High Sensitivity Rapid Response
  • Variable Discrimination
  • Sensitivity Control
  • 17 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Interchangeable Search Heads
  • Waterproof Search Heads
  • Adjustable Stem for all heights
  • Battery Powered
  • Socket For (Optional) Headphones
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • CS440XD – Entry level non motion detector
  • CS770XD – Non motion detector
  • CS1MX – Entry level motion detector
  • CS990XD – Classic non motion detector
  • CS1220XD – Ultimate non motion detector
  • CS2MX – Motion detector
  • CS3MXiPRO – Hi-performance motion detector
  • CS4Pi – Specialist beach detector
  • CS4MXi – Hi-performance motion detector
  • CS6MXi – Ultimate motion detector
  • CS880 – Buried cover locator for water & construction industry