Cobra Rods

The Cobra Rodding System is an efficient and labour-saving method of installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes, surveying drains with CCTV cameras, and other various uses. Reinforced with fibreglass, Cobra Rods are light yet strong and very effective in performance without much exertion. At Breezemount we have a variety of sizes to fit your exact needs.

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  • Strong reinforced fibreglass rods
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Mounted on a mobile frame for site mobility
  • Can be used with Sonde transmitters to locating pipes and blockages
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Excellent bending elasticity
  • Complete with guide tip/bullet end
  • High resin content to ensure lateral strength


Each type of Cobra Rod has a steel frame and guide tips. Despite their variety in weight and size, they all provide a labour-saving solution in their application and are strong, resilient and flexible.

LCR6/60R – 6 mm x 60 mtr / 10 kg

LCR6/80R – 6 mm x 80 mtr / 11 kg

LCR6/100R – 6 mm x 100 mtr / 12 kg

LCR6/150R – 6 mm x 150 mtr / 13 kg

Are You Interested In Learning More About Cobra Rods?

Cobra Rods make installing ropes and cables easy and efficient. Available in a range of sizes yet always lightweight and portable, these fibreglass reinforced Cobra Rods are essential for installation jobs. For more information on the Loncin Industrial Engines on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review your needs as well as providing you with a quote.

If you wish to see information the manufacturer has provided on this product then visit the SEB International webpage about their Cobra Rods.

We are one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of intelligent engineering solutions. Our specialist team have over 45 years of experience delivering successful results in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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