The Xcalibre Core Drill is a versitile piece of equipment that has a wide range of use. These drills are perfect for the creation of passageways for plumbing, electrical, ventilation and air conditioning. Heavy duty yet easy to use, this hydraulic core drill will make small work or big jobs and will add an element of efficiency to your construction projects.

Versatility of the Xcalibre Core Drills


The Xcalibre Core Drills are ideal for cutting through manholes to without causing damage to the structure. As these manholes will hold telecommunication ducts, it is essential that you use the right type of drill safely and correctly install them. Fortunately, Breezemount can help you with our Xcalibre Core Drills.

Underwater Drilling

Drilling will often be required for maintaining piers or oil extraction structures, meaning that underwater drilling will be necessary. The Xcalibre Core Drills are more than capable underwater and will perform just as well usual as long as you’re properly prepared. Ensure the drill on a drill stand bolted onto the structure you’re working on to avoid issues with buoyancy.

Inverted Drilling

For many core drills inverted drilling is a problem as cooling water will often seep into the mechanisms of the drill and damaging it and potentially shocking the user. Xcalibre Core Drills have no such issues as they are completely functional in water. Therefore it is ideal for inverted drilling, whether it be for ceiling beams or bridges. Remember to use a drilling stand for larger jobs as inverted drilling can be tiring.


Bridges require many fixings and bolts as well which means a lot of hole drilling. Even after the completion of a bridge, samples may still be taken for testing. Xcalibre Core Drills are very effective in drilling the necessary holes without affecting the actual structure. A variety of holes need to be drilled so the versatility of the Xcalibre Core Drill ensures that you won’t need extra equipment for your projects.


Key Features of The Xcalibre Core Drills:

Xcalibre Core Drills are the highest quality on the market, and us at Breezemount are delighted to be their official Northern Ireland dealer. There’s a lot that makes the core drills so effective. Key features of the Xcalibre Core Drills are:

  • As effective in wet conditions or dry conditions
  • High power with minimal noise
  • Comes with a heavy duty case for easy portability
  • Has a 20ltr flow and gives 600rpm
  • Little to no kickback
  • Low maintenance due to the drill’s robust construction and lack of fragile components
  • Spark-free and safe to use in even hazardous locations
  • Effective in underwater projects
  • Compatible with machines that have a power take off facility

Technical Information About Xcalibre Core Drills Available at Breezemount

Here are some important details about the Xcalibre Core Drill. If you wish to enquire about this product or simply want to ask a question, please contact a member of our team.

Weight (kg): 8 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 420 x 90 x 200 mm

Hydraulic flow max: 20 l/min

Recommended hydraulic pressure: 70 – 92 bar

Oil working temperature: 25 – 80°C

Max. back pressure in return line: 14 bar

Max. power output: 3.6 kw

rpm max: 600 rpm

Drill bit diameter (Asphalt): 127 – 202 mm

Drill bit diameter (Concrete): 70 – 162 mm

Are You Interested In Learning More About Xcalibre Core Drills?

Xcalibre Core Drills are a marvel of construction, performing at a high standard in all conditions and are safe to use anywhere. The cause minimal kickback and are as quiet of possible, optimised to keep workflow running smoothly with no discomfort for you. For more information on the Xcalibre Core Drills on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review your needs as well as providing you with a quote.

If you wish to see information the manufacturer has provided on this product then visit the Xcalibre webpage about the Core Drill.

We are one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of intelligent engineering solutions. Our specialist team have over 45 years of experience delivering successful results in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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