Hydraulically powered, automatic bollards provide versatile access control, successfully restricting and controlling vehicle access and traffic flow in and out of designated areas. A series of bollards can raise and lower together in one sequence or you can have two separate lanes operating independently for entry and exit. Our experienced inhouse installation team can also provide a full service and after sales care.

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  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Shallow foundation
  • Insurance rated
  • HVM PAS68 / IWA14


  • Bespoke engineering solutions
  • Free Site Survey & design consultation service
  • Inhouse installation team
  • Choice of finishes: Galvanised, stainless steel, RAL coated, polyurethane or aesthetic sleeve
  • Security rated bollards are insurance company recommended by AXA, Aviva, Norwich Union, Allianz.  Crash rated bollards are certified to PAS68 or IWA14
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty *T&C’s apply


Diameters: 180mm – 273mm
Wall Thickness: 3mm – 10mm
Height Above Ground: 700mm – 1200mm
Foundation Depth: 900mm – 2220mm
Shape at the top: flat, sloping, dome, semi-dome


Car Parks

Car Park Security

Bus lane segregation

Bus lane segregation

Train & Bus Stations

Railway & bus stations



Pedestrian Zones

Pedestrian Zones




How do automatic bollards work?

Automatic bollards prevent access to unauthorised vehicles by rising and lowering into the ground using hydraulic equipment. There are a wide range of access control systems to operate bollards, such as: automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), intercoms, GSM/mobile phone, push buttons, time-controlled systems or traffic lights.

How are bollards installed?

Standard static bollards, manual retractable bollards and manually removable bollards are mounted in a foundation concrete base. Depending on the design, some bollards are shallow or deep mounted. High security crash rated bollards have complex civil works and will need to be installed by a certified installer to comply with PAS69. To ensure full safety compliance, automatic bollards should also be installed by a certified installer and serviced regularly to keep them running efficiently.

Do bollards stop cars?

Bollards are a great deterrent and will often prevent theft at commercial premises. At Breezemount, we offer a range of high-quality, cost-effective bollards that are recommended by insurance companies, and ideal for lining pavements and controlling access. However, this design of bollard will not stop a moving car upon impact. Only impact tested bollards can stop a moving vehicle. Crash rated security bollards are engineered to withstand substantial impact. When choosing high security bollards, there are several variants available that have been impact tested to comply with either PAS68 or IWA14. Depending on the client’s risk profile, security bollards can be fixed, automatic, manually retractable or temporary for events. There’s also the possibility of traditional, deep or shallow foundations in a multitude of finishes.

If you would like more information on Breezemount’s range of bollards, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy for one of our sale’s staff to meet you on site and discuss your perimeter protection requirements, as well as provide you with a free no-obligation quote.