What Are Automatic Bollards?

Automatic Bollards are used to prevent unauthorised access to business premises as they are fitted with sensors which cause them to rise and fall when they detect movement.

They are ideal for controlling traffic flow in and out of designated areas and can be used as a security tool to prevent vehicle theft as they provide secure perimetre protection around chosen areas. 

At Breezemount, our Automatic Bollards are hydraulically powered which means they are powered by the controlled transmission of a pressurised fluid which converts into a mechanical output. A series of bollards can raise and lower together in one sequence or you can have two separate lanes operating independently for entry and exit. 

Our experienced inhouse installation team can also provide a full service and after sales care.

How Do Our Automatic Bollards Work?

As mentioned above, the automatic bollards at Breezemount are hydraulically powered. This means that they use an in-compressible liquid that is pushed up within an internal cylinder to raise them up. 

Hydraulically powered bollards traditionally feature the highest amount of force making them at least 25 times greater than a pneumatically powered bollard system.

Advantages Of Installing Automatic Bollards

There are many advantages associated with installing automatic bollards in your premises, some of which include:

  • Extra security: As mentioned above, automatic bollards provide extra protection to your premises or home as they stop unwanted vehicles entering your property and prevent potential theft from occurring if they are installed at an exit.
  • Added safety: Due to the obstruction automatic bollards cause before they are lowered, it means drivers cannot speed coming up to an exit or areas where they are installed. This means there is less likelihood of an accident or damage occurring to your building as drivers are more likely to be driving slow in areas where automatic bollards are installed. 
  • Convenient to use: Compared to other types of bollards, automatic bollards are easier to use as they don’t require any manual operation to control them. This means they are able to operate themselves without any intervention which reinforces how they add safety to your premises or home. 

Automatic Bollard Options Available At Breezemount

Here at Breezemount, we offer a range of automatic bollards for a variety of premises. These include: 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Shallow foundation
  • Insurance rated
  • HVM PAS68 / IWA14

If you are interested in finding out more about the different types of Perimeter Security Solutions we have on offer at Breezemount, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help. 

Automatic Bollards Key Features And Benefits From Breezemount

Below are some features and benefits of the automatic bollards available at Breezemount:

  • There is a choice of finishes available to choose from which include a galvanised finish, stainless steel finish, RAL coated, polyurethane or an aesthetic sleeve
  • Our automatic bollards are security rated and are insurance company recommended by AXA, Aviva, Norwich Union, Allianz
  • Our crash rated bollards are certified to PAS68 or IWA14
  • Automatic bollards at Breezemount have a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Please note: *T&C’s apply
  • Our automatic bollards offer bespoke engineering solutions for our customers
  • At Breezemount, we offer our customers a free Site Survey and design consultation service
  • Our in-house installation team is available to our customers to answer any queries they may have regarding the automatic bollards.

Technical Information About Our Automatic Bollards

Below we have outlined some technical information about the automatic bollards at Breezemount. If you have any questions about the information below or to enquire about having automatic bollards installed at your property, please contact a member of our team.

  • Diameters available: 180mm – 273mm
  • Wall Thickness Available: 3mm – 10mm
  • Height Above Ground Available: 700mm – 1200mm
  • Foundation Depth Available: 900mm – 2220mm
  • Shapes at the top available: Flat, sloping, dome, semi-dome

Are You Interested In Learning More About The Range Of Automatic Bollards At Breezemount?

For more information on the range of automatic bollards on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review which kind of automatic bollard is best for your needs as well as discussing your perimeter protection requirements and providing you with a quote. 

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