Telescopic Bollards At Breezemount

What Is A Telescopic Bollard?


Telescopic bollards are a convenient and versatile security solution which suits the needs of many different applications. These secure bollards drop into the ground when unused to allow the passage of vehicles and can then be lifted again providing complete security. The bollards offered here at Breezemount can be customised for heavy duty security needs such as anti-ram protection and customised for customer aesthetic needs.

Unsure of the best bollard solution for your home or business? Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss your needs, we even offer on site visits to aid in the creation of your quote.


Bollards Available At Breezemount

We offer a range of Telescopic, Retractable, Fixed, Automatic Rising, and Removable bollards which suit any security need. The bollards provided by our team are insurance company recommended as they provide effective security in a range of applications including private residences. Our bollard range is available with a security rating of PAS68 / IWA14.

You can design your bollard solution with help and advice from our expert team, create the perfect security system with bollard finishes and top shapes which enable you to customise your bollard system’s look. We also offer a range of extras which can help with added security, safety, or accessibility.

These are some of the options for the bollards which are available at Breezemount:

Bollard Finishes

Bollards are a key security feature for your home or business but their aesthetics can have a major impact on the design of your landscaping, we understand this and offer a range of finishes to suit our customers needs and wants.

Choose between Galvanised, Stainless Steel, RAL Coated, Polyurethane, and Sleeved bollards. For more information on the finishes we offer, reach out to our team for a telephone or on-site consultation.

Shape At Top

We also offer a range of shapes in our bollards which can add a custom design. We offer Flat, Sloping, Dome, and Semi Dome bollards.

Optional Extras

We also offer a range of extras which can add extra security, safety, or accessibility to our bollard systems. These include:

–        Secure Lock, offering extra security

–         Folding Handles, giving greater grip when moving the bollard.

–        Reflective Tape, giving greater visibility in the dark, reducing the risk of the bollard being hit.

–         Security Cap, increasing security of the bollard.

–        Lift Assist, which decreases the lift weight of the bollard by around 60%, this is especially helpful in heavy duty bollards which may be heavy. This assistance allows the bollard to be lifted into place much easier.

Applications For The Bollards offered at Breezemount

Breezemount’s range of bollards are a flexible option for anyone looking to secure their property. Bollards are a great solution for securing pedestrian walkways, lining pavements, protecting private premises’, and controlling vehicle access to any site. Whether it is for your home or your business it will offer security and privacy with various styles and levels of security you need or want.

They are perfect for:

–        Commercial Premises

–        Pedestrian Areas

–        Universities & Schools

–        Shopping Centres

–        Visitor Attractions

–        Car Parks & Driveways

If you want bollards for a different application our team can consult with you to plan and install your bollard system taking in your specific client needs. Get in contact here.


Below we have outlined some technical information about the Telescopic Bollards at Breezemount. If you have any questions about the information below or to enquire about our Bollard range, please contact a member of our team.

Diameters: <Ranging from 125mm – 323mm, based on customer need.

Wall Thickness: Ranging from 3mm – 10mm, based on customer need.

Height Above Ground: Ranging from 700mm – 1390mm, based on customer need.

Foundation Depth: Ranging from 400mm – 1684mm, based on customer need.

Security rated bollards are insurance company recommended by AXA, Aviva, Norwich Union, Allianz. They offer increased safety in any home or business offering greater peace of mind.

Crash rated bollards are certified to PAS68 or IWA14

For more information on the security ratings offered and the bollards we offer at Breezemount and more of the sizes, and spec we offer you can read it here in our informational specification. Or you can reach out to one of our experts today.


Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Bus lane segregation

Pedestrian Areas

Schools , Colleges & Universities

Universities & Schools

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

Visitor Attractions

Visitor Attractions

Car Parks

Car Parks & Driveways