We offer an extensive range of automatic barriers also known as rising arm barriers. They are designed to suit a variety of applications, ranging from occasional and heavy use, to harsh environments. In many cases, automatic barriers can replace a gate, providing absolute, rapid control at your entrance point within a small footprint.


Automatic Barriers are available in a variety of lengths and come with a range of optional extras. Choose from:

  • Short & Mid length barriers for light use
  • Extra-long Barriers to close off wide lanes
  • Heavy Vehicle Flow Barriers for high performance
  • High Security Barriers with vandal proof booms
  • Folding Fence Barriers to close access to pedestrians
  • Rising Fence Barriers for absolute rapid control
  • PAS68 / IWA14 Crash Tested Barriers


  • Fast & silent movements
  • Robust mechanisms
  • Available with low or full height skirts
  • Integrated locking systems
  • Anti-vandal booms that resist opening
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional Extras: obstacle lighting, traffic lights, signposts, folding booms, heating/cooling


Booms length: 3m to 14m
Open/close times: 0.6 secs to 12 secs
Boom Types: Standard, fibre glass, reinforced, low & full height folding skirts, fence, crash rated
Security options: Anti-vandal tip support, boom locking, folding skirts, reinforced obstacles, crash rated PAS68 / IWA14
Detection options: Photo-electric cells, detection loops, presence detectors


Schools & Hospitals

Schools & Hospitals

Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Car Parks


Apartment Complexes

Apartment Blocks




What is an automatic barrier?

Automatic barriers are also referred to as: rising arm barriers, security barriers, traffic barriers, automatic boom barriers or parking barriers.

Automatic barriers have a pole or ‘boom’ that on command automatically rises vertically to enable access to a restricted area.

How do automatic barriers work?

Automatic barriers are fitted with an electric mechanical or hydraulic drive system which raises or lowers the boom.  There are a variety of methods that can be adopted to control entry and exit, such as: keypads, fobs, card readers, detection loops etc. All of which will prompt the barrier to open or close for vehicles entering or exiting a site.

Where are automatic barriers used?

Automatic barriers are installed to control vehicle access at a variety of locations, including: industrial and commercial sites, car parking areas, tolls roads and within restricted areas such as schools and waste facilities.

What length are automated barriers?

At Breezemount, we supply and install automatic barriers in a variety of lengths: from very short 3 metres to extra-long up to 14 metres. If you have an extra wide opening, we can also install a pair of barriers that work in unison to cover a maximum span of 28 metres.

What are the boom types for automatic barriers?

Depending on the application, there is a wide variety of boom types to choose from for automatic barriers.  Standard barriers have booms made from fibre glass or carbon fibre. Often, an automatic barrier can offer a low budget alternative to an electric gate when fitted with a full height skirt or fence. When height is restricted, there is the option of folding or articulating booms. For high security applications, we offer reinforced booms or rising arms that have been crashed rated to PAS68.

How quickly do automatic barriers open and close?

The opening and closing times for automatic barriers varies depending on boom type, length and controls – but generally opening and closing times range from between a rapid 0.6 seconds for tolls, to 12 seconds for extra-long barriers.

What control options are available with automatic barriers?

There are numerous ways to control automatic barriers. Options include: key switches, integrated readers, radio remote controls, detection loops and manual push button controls.

Can you get warning lights for automatic barriers?

All of our automatic barriers are fully customised to suit each of our client’s specific requirements. There are a number of optional extras available which includes led warning lights, flashing beacons and signposts.

If you would like more information on Breezemount’s range of automatic barriers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy for one of our sale’s staff to meet you on site and discuss your perimeter protection requirements, as well as provide you with a free no-obligation quote.