Bifold gates also referred to in the industry as speed gates, offer a fast, secure and efficient method of controlling traffic in and out of car parks and commercial premises. The electro-mechanical drive systems on bifold gates are capable of continuous operation, and can be configured for simultaneous or individual leaf operation for both single and bi-directional traffic control.


  • Trackless double leaf bifold gate up to 12 metres
  • Trackless single leaf bifold gate up to 6 metres
  • Top or bottom guide tracks for bifold gates that exceed 12 metres
  • Choice of gate infill – vertical bar as standard


  • Fast acting gates operating at 1m/sec, depending on size, infill and site requirements
  • Small footprint, gates intrude less in surrounding area
  • Available as single or double leaf versions
  • 100% duty rating
  • Designed and built to site specific dimensional requirements
  • Weatherproof control panel concealed within one of the hanging posts or in a separate enclosure.
  • Gates are treated with finishing system for long term corrosion protection
  • No requirement for additional locking
  • Choice of access controls
  • Optional warning lights, audible warning devices


Electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive system
Trackless version suitable for openings up to 12 metres wide
Beyond 12 metres gates can be provided with top or bottom guide tracks
Suitable for continuous operation
Speed of operation: 1 metre per second. Approx.
Gate Infill: Vertical bar as standard, options of:
mesh, pales to match palisade feng, flat, profiled or louvered sheet steel or aluminium, wood, round bar or diagonal bar
Ground clearance 50mm
Manual override in the event of power failure
Key switch & emergency stop button mounted on drive post
Fully programmable control panel
Gate locking achieved by the drive system
Standard fail safe system as required under H&S regulations
Gate systems are CE marked and manufactured to conform with the latest European Safety Regulations.


Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Apartment Complexes

Apartment Blocks

Sites with space restrictions

Sites with space restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric gate for a small opening?

When choosing a suitable electric gate there are a number of variables that must be taken into consideration, such as: design and materials, how the electric gates will be used, who will use the electric gates, the terrain in the surrounding areas, and most importantly, how much space you have. If you haven’t got the opening space for a double leaf swing gate or a sliding gate, then our bifold gates are ideal for sites where there is limited space. Opening within a small footprint, bifold gates are available as single or double leaf versions up to a maximum of 12 metres. 

How do Bifold gates work?

Each leaf of a bifold gate is made up of two vertical sections that are joined with heavy duty, adjustable hinges that enable them to fold in the middle. Electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive systems are fitted for simultaneous or individual leaf operation. The drive units are suitable for continuous operation. Fast acting bifold gates are often referred to in the industry as ‘Speed Gates’. Depending on size and infill the gates can operate at 1 metre per second.

What materials can bifold gates be made out of?

At Breezemount, all of our gates are custom-made to our client’s specific requirements. Bifold gates are primarily made from metal, with wood or aluminium panels or mesh inserts. There are loads of styles and colours to choose from, and one to suit every application.  

Are bifold gates secure?

Bifold gates are locked by the drive system when closed. Two limit switches sense when the gates are open or closed. In the event of a power failure or unforeseen emergency, the gates are fitted with a manual override switch.

Are electric gates safe?

Automatic gates are machines that pose potential risk to the public. They should always be installed by a fully qualified gate installer. All Breezemount gate systems are built to conform with the latest UK & European safety regulations and are fitted with a failsafe system as required under health and safety regulations. Once electric gates are installed, the new owner has a commitment to guarantee their performance. Like a car, it is recommended that all automatic gates are regularly serviced to maximise the lifespan. Regular servicing will not only maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, but also ensure that the gates remain compliant with all safety standards. In recent years, there have been several deaths and countless injuries caused by dangerous gates. As the manufacturer/installer of your system, Breezemount would recommend having your gates serviced every six to twelve months.

What are the opening options for an automatic gate?

There are a wide variety of entry systems that can be installed to activate the opening and closing of automatic gates to both vehicles and pedestrians, which vary depending upon budget, the application and the client’s requirements.


For business premises that wish to allow access through automatic gates during opening hours, we can install push button activations and underground induction loops that open the gate when driven over upon entry or exit. There are also time-controlled systems that automatically open and close the gate at certain times of the day. 


If you wish the gate to open for recognised users only, we can install remote transmitters, proximity readers, numeric sequence keypads, video or audio intercoms and biometric authentication.


At Breezemount, we work with carefully selected manufacturers to bring you the latest technology in access control. All of our products are intuitive and easy to use, ranging from standalone access control through to advanced PC based solutions that can be integrated with existing building infrastructure and security systems.

What can I expect from a professional gate supplier and installer?

Automatic gates, also known as electric gates, are a great way to enhance privacy and security at your business premises or home.  It is essential when having a gate installed that you use a professional gate installer to ensure a safe and compliant installation. If a gate is not installed to the legal standards as set out by the Health & Safety Executive, it can lead to a fatal accident. Failure to do so could result in a charge of corporate manslaughter.

If you’re thinking of installing a bifold gate at your premises, talk to our perimeter security team first, they have over 35 years’ experience in gate automation and will help you to choose the right gate for your specific application.