The popularity of automatic swing gates continues to increase as businesses and residential premises seek added security.  At Breezemount, we offer a wide range of top-quality swing gate designs with the option of above ground or below ground operating systems. Ranging from large & heavy security gates, through to lighter drive mechanisms that are ideal for smaller applications.

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  • Above ground swing gate operators
  • Below ground swing gate operators
  • Single leaf swing gate
  • Double leaf swing gates
  • Choice of gate infill: wood, steel or aluminium


  • Bespoke heavy duty gate systems
  • Choice of above ground or below ground gate operators
  • Guaranteed performance for intensive use applications
  • 100% duty rating
  • No requirement for additional locking
  • Programmable variable speed
  • Choice of controls: Push button, card reader, keypad, radio remote
  • With vehicle loop detection
  • Corrosion resistant enclosure in choice of colours
  • Up to 3 years warranty *T&C’s apply


Above ground operating systems guaranteed to drive gates up to 16 metre span with no weight restrictions
Below ground operating systems guaranteed to drive gates up to 6 metres & 3000kg
Lockable & weather resistant equipment enclosures
Electrical system: 24Vdc programmable logic controller
Hydraulic power unit with manual operation override
Hydraulic cylinder: cushions for opening and closing
Operating pressures range from 20 bar to 60 bar
Temperature range -15c to +55c
Duty rating: 100%
Safety System: BS EN 12453:2001


Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Apartment Complexes

Apartment Blocks

Car Parks

Car Parks



High Security Sites

High Security Sites

Heritage Sites

Heritage Sites

Frequently Asked Questions

How are automatic swing gates powered?

All of our swing gates are primarily powered by hydraulic drive systems, although occasionally electro mechanical systems are used. Swing gates can be automated with visible above ground gate operating systems or concealed below ground operating systems. 

At Breezemount we custom build all of our swing gates to our client’s exact specification. They are powered using our specially designed Saracen range of above ground ‘Saracen A’ and below ground ‘Saracen B’ swing gate operators.

With a 100% duty rating, Saracen swing gate operators offer guaranteed performance for intensive use applications.

What power supply do I need for security gates?

Electricity supply is an essential component when installing any type of automatic gate system, such as swing gates, bifold gates or sliding gates. Generally, gates are powered by a 240V 10amp supply token, a 3phase supply may be required for some applications.

Can swing gates open outwards?

Traditionally, swing gates open inwards towards a property in the direction that the vehicle or visitors enter the property. This is the safest means of opening, and one that most people will expect to see. Gates should not swing outside of the property boundary as they could collide with a passing vehicle or pedestrians.  If space is limited, a bifold gate is the ideal solution, as it operates within a small footprint.

Are electric gates expensive to run?

It does not cost much to operate an electric gate system. It will vary depending on how many times the electric gates are opened and closed per day. On average, when a gate is on standby, it consumes around 100w of electricity a day. If the gates are in use continuously, they can use up to 1000w per day.

Can electric gates be opened manually?

All electric gates must have a manual release mechanism which enables owners to override the system in the event of a power outage. The manual release mechanism will vary depending on the gate operating system, but often requires a manual key at the motor. As part of the commissioning on any new system, our engineers will demonstrate how to operate the gate manually and hand over any necessary keys to do so. The manual release is also checked during our routine maintenance visits.

Do gates improve security?

One of the most popular reasons for installing an automatic gate is for security purposes. Safe and secure electric gates are an excellent deterrent. They also keep children and pets out of harm’s way by preventing them from running into busy roads. When security gates are combined with an access control system, this enhances privacy enabling property owners to choose who enters the property. Some modern entry systems also allow for remote access.

What is a custom-made gate?

No two entrances or driveways are ever the same. Having a gate made to measure gives you the flexibility to create a gate which is perfectly suited to its application and surroundings. Custom-made gates can be manufactured from all kinds of materials and are designed in line with our client’s specific requirements. You can choose from a wide selection of entry system options with additional functionality and features that regular gates do not have. The real benefit of custom-made gates is greater flexibility in terms of size, function, materials and design. At Breezemount, our experienced team will assess your site and consider functionality, size and aesthetic design before deciding upon the best automatic gate solution for your premises.

If you would like more information on Breezemounts’ range of custom-made gates, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy for one of our sales staff to meet you on site and discuss your gate requirements, as well as provide you with a free no-obligation quote.