Mulchers don’t come much better when Auger Torque are around. Extremely precise and robust, these mulchers are as efficient as they are effective. With strong tungsten teeth and swinging hammer teeth, you will be able to manage your timber, hedges and branches with ease. The Auger Torque mulcher is perfect for excavators up to 15T and skid steer loaders.

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If you want to use an tough and effective mulcher, than Auger Torque’s range is exactly what you need. Everything is designed for peak performance, from the construction, to the drum, teeth and motor. If you need to sort out those fallen branches or a hedge needs a good trimming, this mulcher is right for you.

As the working width can reach to 1.5m, you can deal with timber and branches at a larger scale, saving you precious time. The Auger Torque Mulcher is designed to handle tough conditions, plus giving you the ability to change the drum on site makes it one of the best mulchers you can find!


  • Swinging hammer teeth
  • Fixed tungsten teeth
  • Heavy duty drum assembly
  • Hinged debris cover
  • Replaceable skid plates
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motor
  • Easy to fix teeth
  • Working width options 1m and 1.5m
  • Suitable for excavators up to 15T and skid steer loaders


  • Motor: Standard Gear Motor (VM1000); Standard Piston Motor (VM1500)
  • Oil Pressure Range (Bar): 160 – 180 (VM1000); 220 – 240 (VM1500)
  • Oil Flow Range (lpm): 60 – 70 (VM1000); 85 – 95 (VM1500)
  • Suitable for: 5T – 10T Excavators and Skidsteer Loaders (VM1000); 10T – 15T Excavators and Skidsteer Loaders (VM1500)
  • Drum Cutting Width (mm): 1000 (VM1000); 1500 (VM1500)
  • Drum Speed (rpm): 2400 (machine dependant)
  • Max. Log Dia (mm): 120 (VM1000); 250 (VM1500)
  • Unit Width (mm): 1229 (VM1000); 1820 (VM1500)
  • Unit Height (mm): 529 (VM1000); 953 (VM1500)
  • Unit Depth (mm): 794 (VM1000); 994 (VM1500)
  • Unit Weight (kg): 400 (VM1000); 800 kg (VM1500)

Are You Interested In Learning More About Auger Torque Mulchers?

Auger Torque mulchers will swiftly handle any job you present it with. Whether that be trimming vegetation or removing trees, this mulcher will expertly and quickly get the job done. For more information on the Auger Torque Mulchers on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review your needs as well as providing you with a quote.

If you wish to see information the manufacturer has provided on this product then visit the Auger Torque webpage about the Mulcher.

We are one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of intelligent engineering solutions. Our specialist team have over 45 years of experience delivering successful results in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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