Manual Arm Barriers also referred to in the industry as Car Park barriers and Security barriers, are a manual barrier with a rising arm that can provide an ideal low-cost solution to a wide variety of parking, road access and traffic management requirements. Robust and durable, the rising arm can be locked in either the vertical or horizontal position, providing excellent security to any specified area when required.


  • Standard raised arm barrier
  • Aluminium manual barrier
  • Heavy duty raised arm barrier
  • Dual barriers
  • Crash rated IWA14 lockdown barrier


  • Low maintenance
  • Lockable end rests
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel bearings
  • Locking mechanism to fix barrier in vertical position


Boom lengths up to 9m
Pivot assembly on two heavy duty, stainless steel bearing blocks
Dual barriers for wider spans with central locking mechanism
Standard colours: red/white or yellow black


Schools & Hospitals

Schools & Hospitals

Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Car Parks


Apartment Complexes

Apartment Blocks




What is a manual arm barrier?

Having no requirement for electrics, manual arm barriers are a low maintenance, cost-effective way of manually controlling vehicle access at the entry and exit points of unauthorised or controlled areas.

How do manual arm barriers work?

Manual barriers are easy-to-use and designed to assist the operator. A counter balanced fishtail weight is fine tuned for ease of operation. The barrier can be locked in the open (upright) or closed position (lowered), prior to locking with a padlock.

Where are manual barriers used?

Safe and secure, manual barriers can offer a temporary or permanent solution depending upon the application. They are typically used on commercial sites, such as car parks, factories and warehouses, as well as high security sensitive sites where temporary or occasional use is necessary.

What length are manual barriers?

At Breezemount, we offer a range of standard manual rising arm barriers with booms that span from 1 metre up to 8 metres long.  In addition, our heavy-duty rising arm barriers are crash rated, spanning an area of up to 9.0 metres, and are often used at emergency exits on sensitive sites.

Are there different booms types for manual barriers?

The standard booms for manual arm barriers are made from aluminium and finished in either alternating red and white or yellow and black vinyl hatching. (There are other colours available upon request).

If you would like more information on Breezemount’s range of manual arm barriers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy for one of our sale’s staff to meet you on site and discuss your perimeter protection requirements, as well as provide you with a free no-obligation quote.