Extremely strong and versatile, Road Blockers are metal barriers designed to guard against the highest level of vehicular threat from car parks to military applications.

Acting as a deterrent, they are intended to be imposing and highly visible when raised. Suitable signage should always be installed to inform drivers of the presence of a road blocker.

The road blockers that we supply are extremely robust and have been crash rated and certified to PAS68 or IWA14.

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  • Standard Road Blockers
  • Heavy Duty Road Blockers
  • Shallow Mounted Road Blockers
  • Surface Mounted Road Blockers


  • Raised and lowered remotely by push button interface.
  • Available with control and monitoring systems
  • Supplied with EFO (emergency fast operation) system for increased raise speed
  • No pre cast pit or rebar required on standard or heavy-duty models
  • Surface mounted are ideal for temporary applications i.e. large one off events
  • All models are designed for fast and easy servicing
  • Finished in black & yellow paint as standard. With options of a galvanised finish or specific RAL colour.


Installation depth for standard and heavy duty road blockers: 1500mm
Installation depth for shallow mounted road blockers: 400mm
Installation of surface mounted road blockers – suspended slab with as little as 210mm depth required or bolted to the surface.
Fully raised height is dependent on model: Ranging from 800mm to 1165mm above the ground

Security Ratings
Standard Road Blockers are PAS68 tested to halt a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 80kph
Heavy duty Road Blockers are PAS68 tested to halt a 30 tonne truck travelling at 80kph
Shallow Mounted Road Blockers are IWA14 tested to halt a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 80kph
Surface Mounted Road Blockers are PAS68 tested to halt 3.5 tonne truck travelling at 48kph


Industrial Sites

Chemical / Oil Refineries

Data Centres

Data Centres





Car Parks


Heritage Sites

Government Buildings

Temporary Applications

Temporary Applications

Military sites

Military Sites

High Security Sites

High Security Sites