Sliding Gates At Breezemount

What Is A Sliding Gate?

Sliding gates come in a variety of designs such as Cantilever, Tracked or Telescopic. They are most commonly used when the installation does not suit a traditional swing gate, or when the opening is too large for an automated swing gate. They are best suited to flat environments and provide a flexible security system for your site.

Sliding Gates Available At Breezemount

Cantilever sliding gates

Suitable for heavy duty applications, long service life with minimum maintenance, unaffected by camber, kerbs, ice, snow or debris, requires longer run back. These are a trackless gate option. It is supported by rollers that allow it to open and close instead of a track laid on the ground. The gate is fully suspended from the ground with a small clearance. This system allows gates to be located on rough or uneven terrain that could not support a track making it perfect for any work site.

Tracked Sliding Gates

Gate tracks only protrude 10-15mm above the finished road surface. Position of  guide posts & drive system can be arranged to suit the site. Tracked gate options are ideal for larger openings ensuring stability of the gate.

Telescopic sliding gates

Provides a solution when there is limited run back space. Telescopic tracked gates can be made with up to 5 sections. All leaves can move simultaneously. They are available up to 25 metres (2 – 5 sections) with a maximum height of 5 metres.

Single leaf sliding gates & Bi-parting sliding gates

Double leaf up to 12 metres | Single leaf up to 6 metres. Beyond this gates can be provided with top or bottom guide tracks. They can be provided in a larger size over 12 meters with a above or below guide rail.

Wide choice of infills

Vertical bar as standard at max. 120mm centres – 30 x 20 mm. Optional – welded mesh, pales to match palisade fencing, flat, profiled or louvered sheet steel or aluminium, wood, round bar, diagonal bar. Allowing you to customise your gate for aesthetics.

Key Features of Sliding Gates Available at Breezemount

  • Every gate is custom built to site specific requirements
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Quick opening / closing speeds (approx. 1800mm/sec)
  • 100% duty rating
  • Parallelogram or trapezium gate frames for sites with cross fall
  • Choice if gate infill – vertical bar as standard
  • No requirement for additional locking
  • Choice of access controls
  • Manual override in the event of power failure
  • Anti-runaway brake available for sloping gates
  • Key switch & emergency stop button mounted on drive post
  • Gate locking achieved by the drive system
  • Standard fail safe system as required under H&S regulations

Technical Information About The Sliding Gates Available at Breezemount

Below we have outlined some technical information about the sliding gates at Breezemount. If you have any questions about the information below or to enquire about our sliding gates please contact a member of our team.

  •       Opening: Ranging between 18 metres (Cantilever bi-parting pair) to 50 meters (Tracked bi-parting).
  •       Drive System: Three phase 240/400V, 50Hz motor.
  •       Speed Of Operation: app. 180mm / second
  •       Duty Rating: 100% – suitable for continuous operation
  •       Gate Infill: Vertical bar as standard at max. 120mm centres – 30 x 20 mm
  •       Control Panel: Fully programmable control panel that will interface with all types of access control e.g. Card readers, inductive ground loops or radio transmitters.
  •       Locking: Electrically operated gates locking is achieved by the drive system. Manual gates have a latch & profile cylinder which can be padlocked.
  •       Safety System: Standard fail safe system as required under Health & Safety Regulations. Includes rubber buffers with signal transmission system, with option of warning lights, audible warning devices.
  •       Safety Compliance: Gate system is CE marked and built to conform with all European safety regulations:


EN 13241-1:2003 Industrial, commercial & garage doors & gates. Product standard

EN 12424/12444 Industrial, commercial & garage doors & gates. Resistance to wind loads

EN 12453/12445 Safety in use of power operated doors

EN 12604/12605 Mechanical aspect requirements

EN 12635 Installation and use

EN 12978 Safety devices for powered operated doors and gates


Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Apartment Complexes

Apartment Blocks

Sites with space restrictions

Sites with space restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an automatic gate on a slope or hill?

Uneven or sloping ground conditions are one of the reasons for installing a sliding gate. You could also consider a double leaf swing gate system. However, it all depends on the direction of the slope, the gradient and surrounding ground conditions. At Breezemount, our specialist team will help you to choose the right system. Every one of Breezemount’s electric gate systems are custom built to suit our client’s exact requirements.


What Is A Sliding Gate Called?

Sliding gates are also referred to in the industry as tracked gates or cantilever gates. The main difference is how the gate is supported, the location of the wheels and how the gate(s) run along.

What is a tracked gate?

Tracked sliding gates run along a fixed track that is cast into the ground. The tracks protrude above the finished road surface by approx. 10-15mm. Wheels mounted on the base of the gate frame guide the gate along the track, with a guide rail across the top frame. The drawback is that the ground track needs to be kept clear of debris which can impair the smooth operation of the gate(s).

What Is A Cantilever Gate?

A cantilever gate is a trackless gate system that requires little or no groundwork. Instead of sliding along a track in the ground, a cantilever gate is designed to counterbalance on horizontal posts which removes the need for tracking. The overall length of the gate will be around 50 percent greater than the entrance it spans on your site, and it will need a runback area.

What Is A Telescopic Gate?

An alternative tracked gate design, telescopic gates are ideal for entrances where runback space is limited. They are made up of two or more panels that move simultaneously along a ground track. When the gates are open, the panels stack one in front of each other, at one side concertina style. Available with up to 5 sections, a telescopic gate can span an entrance up to 25 metres wide and 5 metres in height.

Are Swing Gates Better Than Sliding Gates?

There are pros and cons to both and unfortunately, one gate design does not fit all sites. Swing gates are usually less expensive than sliding gates, as they are a simpler design with fewer parts than a sliding gate. Generally, swing gates are quieter than sliding gates and require less maintenance and repair. However, if space is limited or if you have uneven or sloping ground, swing gates may not be an option and a telescopic or bifold gate may be more suitable for your application. Swing gates can be less secure than sliding gates and also can be affected by adverse weather conditions.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Sliding Gate?

Suitable for openings up to 20-30 metres wide with a maximum height of 5 metres, sliding gates are available as single leaf, bi-parting pairs or telescopic stacking panels. Generally, the space required to accommodate a tracked sliding gate’s opening size is the same as the width that it covers. An eight-metre-wide entrance would need to have 8 metres on one side for gate storage and about 0.5 metres to allow manoeuvrability around the gate frame. A cantilever gate needs to be approximately 50 percent wider than its span to counterbalance the weight of the suspension posts.

The Benefits of Sliding Gates Available at Breezemount

The sliding gates available at Breezemount are available in a range of styles to ensure they suit your customer’s needs. Each sliding gate is custom built to you requirements. Want to know which sliding gate is perfect for your site? Our team will be happy to consult with your via telephone or on-site to ensure you have the ideal security solution for your site.

Our sliding gates have extra security features as we design them to give you peace of mind. Security features such as warning lights, anti-runaway brakes, and emergency stop buttons can be built into your sliding gate to ensure the perfect safe and secure gate solution.

Sliding gates available in our range are built to be efficient with quick open and close speeds at 180mm per second and come with a manual override in case of power outage. We design sliding gates which are built to last and provide you with the most efficient and safe entrance and exit to your site.  

Are You Interested In Learning More About The Sliding Gates Available at Breezemount?

For more information on the range of sliding gates on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review your needs as well as providing you with a quote.

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