Macdonald Air Breakers At Breezemount

What Is An Air Breaker?

An air breaker uses incredible pneumatic force to break up materials used in construction. The range of Macdonald Air Breakers available at Breezemount are suitable for most demolition projects, while offering vibration reduction for user comfort and ease of use. A strong breaker allows for the creation of down piping channels, removal of tile, or breaking through asphalt on road works projects. 

For help deciding whether air breakers are suitable for your demolition needs and to discuss the benefits of Macdonald Air Breakers, reach out to a member of our team today. We offer phone and on site consultations which help you find the perfect solutions for your construction work.


Macdonald Air Breakers Available At Breezemount

24 VRS Breaker – 26.1Kg

The Macdonald 24 VRS Breaker is perfect for light to medium breaking jobs. It is capable of breaking up concrete, asphalt, and footpaths and is designed to be used in the plant hire industry. The Macdonald 24 VRS Breaker gives hard hitting performance with reduced vibration for the optimised comfort and safety of the user. This model is the lightest in the Macdonald range we offer, weighing just 26.1kg. 

28 SVRT Breaker – 28.5Kg

The Macdonald 28 SVRT Breaker is ideal for most medium to heavy jobs involving concrete asphalt, and paving involved in construction or demolition work. It is designed with the plant hire industry in mind with its fantastic weight to power ratio which increases its ease of use. The Macdonald 28 SVRT Breaker also offers reduced vibrations despite its breaking capabilities making it easy to use as well as increasing safety for the end user. This model offers the lowest level of vibration in the Macdonald range we offer at just 4.6 m/s2.

344 VRS Breaker – 35.5Kg

The Macdonald 344 VRS Breaker can handle most heavy braking jobs tackling concrete, asphalt, and rock involved in construction and demolition. It is a heavier model and continues to offer a high power to weight ratio seen in lighter models. It can meet the demands of the plant hire industry and offers an excellent reduction in vibration effects expected from the Macdonald range. 


All Macdonald Air Breakers available at Breezemount provide key features which help make it one of the best breakers in the market. These features increase ease of use, reduce need for maintenance, and increase user comfort. The key features are listed below: 
  • Ergonomic handles to reduce operator exposure to hand arm vibration increasing ease of use and operator comfort. 
  • Cushioned grips for operator comfort & productivity
  • Silencer for effective noise suppression for user comfort 
  • Well balanced, manoeuvrable & high strike energy
  • Quick change retainer for easy maintenance 
  • Easily maintained without specialist tools
  • Drop forged components for minimum ware & maximum life
  • Built in reservoir for automatic oiling & smooth continuous operation
  • Small number of moving parts to minimise internal wear reducing maintenance costs

Technical Information About The Macdonald Air Breakers

Below we have outlined some technical information about the Macdonald Breakers at Breezemount. If you have any questions about the information below or to enquire about our Macdonald Air breakers, please contact a member of our team.
  • Weight (KGS) – Ranging from 26 kgs (24 VRS) to 36 kgs (344 VRS) 
  • Vibration (m/s2) – Ranging from 4.6 m/s2  (28 SVRT) to 6.5 m/s2(344 VRS)
  • Frequency – 960 bpm (28 SVRT) & 1250 bpm (24 VRS & 344 VRS) 
  • Air Consumption – Ranging from 48 CFM (24 VRS) to 64 CFM (344 VRS)
  • Noise Level – 108 DBa (24 VRS & 28 SVRT) & 111 DBa (344 VRS)
  • Length – Ranging from 700mm (24 VRS) to 768mm (344 VRS)
  • Chuck Size – 32 mm or 28mm across all models offered at Breezemount
  • Working Pressure – 6 Bar/ 90 psi across all models offered at Breezemount 
  • Bore –  44mm (28 SVRT) & 57mm (24 VRS & 344 VRS)
  • Stroke – Ranging from 127mm (24 VRS) to 170mm (28 SVRT)
  • Air Hose – 19mm across all models offered at Breezemount

Are You Interested In Learning More About The Macdonald Air Breakers?

For more information on the range of Macdonald Air Breakers on offer here at Breezemount, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. 

Our team is available to meet you on site to review your needs as well as providing you with a quote.

We are one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of intelligent engineering solutions. Our specialist team have over 40 years of experience delivering successful results in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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