The Clipper CP500 cut-off saw provides raw power for smooth fast cuts. With features that prolong saw life, prevent engine damage and guarantee everyday reliability. Available in a standard petrol version, or the patented iLube models.  iLube models mix oil and petrol electronically, avoiding the need to pre-mix fuel. Clipper cut-off saws are available in 12”/300mm & 14”/350mm sizes.

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  • 4HP/4kW powerful motor
  • iLube option no need to pre-mix fuel
  • Electronic carb allows easy 3-step engine start up. No more choke or half throttle set up
  • Easy stopping : just press red button
  • 5-spring anti vibration system
  • Easy semi-automatic belt tension
  • Multi-stage air filter with pulsating air streams
  • Magnesium blade guard
  • Over-tightening protection on filler caps


  • Clipper CP512 – 12” Blade
  • Clipper CP512 iLube – 12” Blade
  • Clipper CP514 – 14” Blade
  • Clipper CP514 iLube – 14” Blade